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Im alisa. Im 16, finishing my sophomore year. Recently im beginning to not like anything I used to (sports) and the only one I seem to like is track, im actually very sad its over and I can’t wait for indoor next year. Im playing tennis for the 1st time this fall, because I need something new since theres no track. I love star wars and Jude Law<3.


Vegas, Star Wars, Jude Law, Track and Field, Kelly Clarkson, Fairly Odd Parents, Frosted Mini Wheets, Chocolate, Coach


Hilary Duff, Geometry, Napoleon Dynamite, Fake coach


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July 7th]
i have a new lj xgoofyxo..i added every1 i think, so add me back =) if i missed u let me know.
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July 6th]
yup so im in vegas! at 1 point i thought i never would be tho b/c our plane was supposed to leave @ 6, but then it got delayed till 9, then it got delayed again until 11, then back to 10:10. So @ 10:10 we got on a plane, but then there was a mechanical error so we had to get off. There was another plane not being used, but no god forbid we could use it. So we had to wait for the non-song plane and finally left @ 1:30 am..it sounds alot better then the whole situation was. but we got into vegas at like 3 am vegas time. then we were on the strip every day, and yesturday night i saw We Will Rock You @ the paris..it was one of the best shows i have ever seen. This trip isnt as good as last time, but its good, ive only spent 150 on pointless souvineirs..i feel acomplished. so far i got an FCUK shirt, an m&m shirt, shorts that say vegas on its ass, cory's 3 shotglasses, 2 snowglobes and a bebe shirt. its now 10:41am here, and im leavin for the day. later.

but first im missing a hell of alot when im gone but i hope it was all awsome, like 4th of july bash that i've been hering about for months, jenny's sweet 16 and lauren's sweet 16. o well..happy b-day guys =)

here are my classes for next yr..who has similar ones?
Physics H
World history 2 H
English 33 H
Spanish 3 H
Algebra 2
Pref. Arts 2
Welness 3/don't have one?

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as you can see i have no comments...anyone wanna change that and leave me some?
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July 1st]
Friday-Worked, supposed to have 3-9 but had to stay late b/c it was crowded, got home around 10.
Saturday-worked 12-6, fell asleep by 8, was supposed to go out lol
Sunday-worked 9-3, out with the family.
Monday-shopping with Ash, Lindz & Ali, Ali almost got arrested (long story).
Tuesday-worked 3-9, did nothin after.
Wens-hung around with Cory & Kerrie, got COOKIE DOUGH, i offered my bro $40 if he walked to get it for me, he refused, so cory went with me lol. then hung aorund, went to fuderekers @ 7, then they came back here & we watched harry potter.
yesturday-worked 3-10...came home, ate more cookie dough, showered and slept
today-woke up early to run, but it started to pour so i didnt run lol im so lazy. instead, im watching about the american revolution on the history channel.

report card: (term 4, final exam)
Chem - 99, 91
History - 87, 83
English - 87, 79
Geometry - 86, 72
Spanish - 89, 89
Pref. Arts - 95, 92
Gym - 100, 97

VEGAS @ 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
back on the 10th =)
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