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I drove all night...

...to get to you

10 April
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Jude Law is British Hot Love

abortion is homicide.

Is it Wednesday yet??


Boy Meets World Is Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

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created by: crazy_clockwork

Kelly Clarkson is American Idol love!
by _soxlastxsummer

Jude Law is love.

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Ty Pennington is love.
by pinkmoonlight87

hayden christensen is love
by jolly_fishcake

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Basketball is Love

Smoking Kills
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Wicked is Broadway Love.


Anakin is Darth Vader Love

Made By-herekittykitty

Coach Sunglasses are love.

Made By-herekittykitty

Rainbows are Excellent Love.

Made By-herekittykitty

Truffles are chocolatey love.

Made By-herekittykitty

Ewoks are Love

Wookies are Love

Credit: heatherquee

Finding Nemo is love
by poptart_tyrant

Happiest place on earth love
by poptart_tyrant

Old School Nickelodeon Is Ultimate Love

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created by: crazy_clockwork

Vegetarians are Love

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Justin Timberlake is "no, really, I'm in it for the music!" Love

Justin's Arena Homme shoot is Love

Charlie and Claire is love.

Mean Girls are plastic love.

by this_is_fucked

Hanson is Long-time Love.
by _soxlastxsummer

Goofy Is Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Star Wars is Love.
Made by toxicjellybean

The Original Trilogy is Love

Simba is love.

Yoda is Green Love

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones is Love

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created by: crazy_clockwork

TPM Obi-Wan Kenobi is Love

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is angsty love <3

Anakin Skywalker is Love

Darth Vader is Dark Love

C-3PO is Love

Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace is Love

Spider-Man/Peter Parker is Love

Spider-Man is Love

Spider-Man 2 is Sequel Love

Kate/Sawyer is love

Stitch is Alien (Also Cute and Fluffy) Love

The Incredibles is Love

always and forever

Viruses that come in e-mail are love Malicious

Monsters Inc. is love
by poptart_tyrant

Jude Law is love.
by _soxlastxsummer



thanks so much to byebyeblackbird for the goofy icon
and to julissak01 for the jude law banner! gorgeousss!
thanks to luv_photoshop for the star wars ROTS banner!!